Rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping Business Models

$5000per week

Rapid prototyping Product Design

$5000per month

Rapid prototyping Augmented Environments

$8000per month

Rapid prototyping New Narratives

$10000per month


Expeditions Service BluePrinting

$80002 days

  • Learn how to rapidly build service blueprints to plan for Structural Change/ New Service Development in your Service design initiatives. Benefits
  • 5 No. of participants

Expeditions Creative Leadership

$100005 days

  • Effective decision making disregard conventional wisdom about reaching consensus and instead work to create disagreement and dissention. Enable your creative leaders to Deal with Change with an integrative thinking process. Benefits
  • 20 No. of participants

Expeditions Visual Sensemaking

$50001 day

  • Information is cheap, but meaning is expensive. Where is the meaning? Visual Thinking is a a way to organize your thoughts and improve your ability to think and communicate. Benefits
  • 5 No. of participants


Workshops Narrative Cities

$1500Starts at

  • 5 No. of participants
  • 4 Hours

Workshops Adaptative architecture

$2500Starts at

  • 5 No. of participants
  • 4 Hours

Workshops Spatial storytelling

$3500Starts at

  • 5 No. of participants
  • 4 Hours

Workshops Mixed realities

$5000Starts at

  • 5 No. of participants
  • 4 Hours

Transformation Design

Transformation Design Prospective Storytelling

$Envision new futures

Transformation Design Educational Design

$Change how you learn and do

Transformation Design Experience Architecture

$Create new experiences

Transformation Design Visual Thinking

$Visualize new knowledges