Speaking & Keynotes

I speak and deliver keynotes on topics related to Education, Story-Driven Innovation, Workflows that works, Future of Storytelling, Transformational Design, Creative Leadership, The poetic potential of the Internet of Things, New forms of Intelligences and Senses, Mixed Realities and Play at Work. Each keynote is customized for its particular audience.  I can create entire Event & Masterclass Program, Act as your Event Content Advisor & Speakers Curator.  You can also find some of my most demanded Keynotes Decks on SlideShare.

Chance and Creativity

Reinventing meetings

Storytelling in Smart environments

IoT-Driven Experience Design

Play at Work

Future of Cinema

Future of storytelling

Programmable physical environments

Technology Poetic Potential

Education in the 21st Century

UX & Media innovation

Future of Radio

Building Narrative Cities

Calm Computing

Story-Driven Enterprise Transformation