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Art-Based Research

Art-based research is a mode of formal qualitative inquiry that uses artistic processes in order to understand and articulate the subjectivity of human experience.

The term was first coined by Elliot Eisner (1933 – 2014) who was a professor of Art and Education at the Stanford Graduate School of Education and one of the United States’ leading academic minds.

At Hello, Architekt we have adopted this practice-based research like it is within education and the arts. We combine artmaking, research, and teaching. It is a popular methodology that we use to transform information and the relationships between art-making, research and theory in order to inform the public on various issues. Our focus is on developing the practitioner-researcher who is capable of imaginative and insightful inquiry.

Current Initiatives

Wuxia the fox

Started in 2005
The Future of Educational Design & Human Expressivity. AI and ML applied to Speech Recognition and MultiModal Storytelling.

Wuxia the fox

Wuxia the Fox is the main Ai-Driven Art-Based Research of Hello, Architekt ! and is built on a story world explaining what happens to humans after the Anthropocene era is completed and Ai-Driven Societies take place. If we want to save the planet we need to stop the effect of divided attention.
Technology should have a purpose. It should have a built-in mechanism to build appreciation for nature, calmness and unstructured time.

Started in 2012
The Future of Interactive Soundscapes and Spatial Storytelling Platforms.

We explore the possibilities of Extended Reality Experiences and their impact on Educational Design. We have built a functional prototype of an Augmented Space & Spatial Storytelling platform to create Experiences to bring a sense of calm and meaningfulness to our interactions with physical spaces, data and humans. is the continuation of the Storytelling Engine Iotheatre.

Projects built using this research:

2014 – Future of Storytelling – Wuxia the fox Iotheatre prototype

2014 – Presentation of the MultiModal Storytelling Methodology behind Storytelling Engine

2016 – LotoQuébec – La Naissance du Monde

2017 – La Machine à Bienveillance

2019 / 2020 – Paspebiac Museum

2021 – Quartier de l’innovation Canal Lachine SoundScape

2022 – Quartier de l’innovation & MR63 – This way to the future