Jonathan Belisle

Jonathan Bélisle

Jonathan Bélisle has been a multifaceted storyteller and creative visionnary for 22 years.

His diverse background in technology, media and human psychology enables him to approach complex problems in a playful manner.

By adding a human touch to mobile devices and infusing interactive storytelling in connected objects and media, he pushes the boundaries of narrative and interactive experiences beyond the screen...into real life. 

As the founder of Hello, Architekt !, a Montreal-based consultancy firm that specializes in educational design, organizational creativity and user experience architecture, he assisted numerous enterprises in their adoption of digital tools & platforms, cultural transformation and business model reinvention.

He is also the creator of Wuxia the Fox, an interactive multimedia experience for families that uses artificial intelligence and augmented reality to take the audience from a passive state of listening to an active state of storytelling.

In 2013 he created iotheatre one of the first methodology and platform to think, design and manage Mixed Reality experiences  in a way that combines narrative, interactive and educative dimensions into one continuous flow. He was also the Program Director of the Banff Center Emergence Lab in 2016 and Chief Facilitator for the Creation Lab of canadian Museum of Human Rights in 2017.

In 2017, he also co-founded the Interactive Art Collective Ensemble Ensemble that focuses on the creation of sensory and interactive installations for museum exhibitions, urban streets and public spaces. He is a Research Affiliate at the Annenberg Innovation Lab of Southern California University and professor of experience architecture at INIS Media School in Montreal.

He studied film narratology and mastered visual thinking before combining them with ethnographic methods and service design thinking.  As a polymath, he blends together his skills as a user experience designer, a creative technologist and an inspired teacher to give birth to immersive and interactive stories and installations.