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Experience Architecture Cards

This Interaction Design Thinking Card Game Deck help you communicate the new in your organization. New ways of seeing, thinking, learning & doing. Every participants receives a deck of cards when they participate to an Hello, Architekt ! workshops or expeditions.


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S.M.A.L.L Framework

SMALL is an ensemble of Thinking Frameworks that will help you ask the key questions to reframe any challenges/problems.

Why our Organizational Poetry Initiatives Works ?

We envision the near future of your business. We create new experiences and stories. We facilitate ideation to artfully & purposefully accelerate innovation, transformation and reinvention. We prepare businesses for a future where innovation is the expectation and the only certainty is change. We go to unruly places and develop new dialogues around our discoveries and provide enterprises of all kind the most singular and efficient Ideation Facilitation Experience they ever had.

Ideation techniques that helps your teams navigate the unknown & embrace transformation.

We promote human Interactions that stimulate all senses, generate an abundance of ideas quickly and ignite fearless imaginations.

On-demand Rapid Prototyping

Creative leadership, organizational poetry capabilities, visual sense making, experience architecture and prospective storytelling. We act as your enterprise Creative & Artful Innovation Lab.

Move faster and empower changemakers

Create meaningful encounters, visualize your knowledge, organize your actions, Reframe your problems, Love what you do, Creatively lead the change, Get in the Flow, Drive in Results, Stay Zen.

Build a culture of experimentation

Our mantra is that Usage gives meaning. Thus, We create new experiences, tools & methods to communicate the new in your organization. New ways of seeing, thinking, learning & doing.

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