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The Poetic
Interaction Design Studio

Helping organizations and humans feel the future with new ways of thinking, seeing, feeling and doing.

Design Ops

A service that focuses on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of design processes within an organization by streamlining workflows, optimizing tools and resources, and promoting collaboration and communication among designers and other stakeholders.

Installation Arts & Environment Design

Poetic and multi-sensory experiences through creating concepts, objects, space and human interaction. A service that involves creating immersive and experiential installations, exhibits, and environments that engage and inspire audiences through the use of art, design, and technology.

Embodied Creative

A service that helps individuals and organizations develop their creative leadership skills by integrating somatic, emotional, and cognitive intelligence, and fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and experimentation.

Teaching & Speaking

A service that involves sharing knowledge, expertise, and insights through teaching, mentoring, coaching, and speaking engagements, and helping others develop their skills, talents, and passions. MasterClass, Training, Keynotes, Content Curation & Editorial Direction.

Foresight, Sensemaking & Changemaking

We create design fiction experiments to explore the near future impact of low-tech and high-tech technological & sociological transformations. A service that provides strategic foresight, scenario planning, and trend analysis to help organizations anticipate and prepare for emerging trends, risks, and opportunities.

Worldbuilding, Story Making, Interactive Storytelling

A service that involves creating rich and immersive fictional worlds and stories, and using them as a platform for entertainment, education, and social change.

We have a platform for creating and distributing multi-modal, voice-activated, and spatial storytelling experiences.

Wuwei, Tao, Zen & Autotelism

Achieving a state of inner harmony through naturalness, spontaneity, and intrinsic motivation. Emphasize effortless action and aligning with the natural flow of the universe and seek enlightenment through meditation and experiencing the present moment.

Experience Design Advisor services

A service that offers user experience (UX) design consulting and advisory services to help organizations create intuitive, engaging, and user-friendly digital products and services. We help early-stage AI product company founders find product-market fit faster so they can accelerate the business to the next stage.

Art-Based & Transdisciplinary Research

A service that involves using art and design practices as a tool for research, exploration, and innovation, and collaborating across disciplines and sectors to address complex societal challenges.

Poetic Curiosity & Imagination as a Service

A service that cultivates poetic curiosity and imagination as a means of exploring new ideas, perspectives, and possibilities, and fostering creativity, empathy, and resilience.

Synchrony, Love & Relational Arts

A service that emphasizes the importance of human connection, empathy, and love in fostering creative collaboration, collective intelligence, and sustainable innovation.


A service that involves creating and distributing content across multiple media channels and platforms, and using storytelling to engage and inspire audiences across diverse demographics and geographies.

Visual Thinking & Graphic Recording

A service that uses visual thinking, graphic facilitation, and sketching to help individuals and organizations generate and communicate ideas, solve problems, and facilitate group discussions and workshops.

Ecological & Ontological Consciousness

A service that promotes ecological and ontological consciousness, and encourages individuals and organizations to adopt more sustainable, regenerative, and holistic approaches to their work and life.

Poiesis & Techne

A service that combines the Greek concepts of poiesis (the act of making) and techne (the art of skillful craftsmanship) to foster creativity, innovation, and craftsmanship in all domains of human activity.

Organizational Design, Kensho, Satori and the Learning Enterprise

A service that encourages organizations to adopt a poetic, autotelic, and learning-oriented mindset, and cultivate a culture of continuous learning, experimentation, and self-improvement.

Calm Magic

An embodied Creative Leadership framework to lead a calm, playful & prolific somatic growth driven creative life

Wuxia the fox

Wuxia the Fox is the main Art-Based Research of Hello, Architekt ! and is built on a story world explaining what happens to humans after the Anthropocene era is completed and Ai-Driven Societies take place.

If we want to save the planet we need to stop the effect of divided attention.
Technology should have a purpose. It should have a built-in mechanism to build appreciation for nature, calmness and unstructured time.

Since great climate change has melted glaciers, whales are no longer singing and humans have lost the ability to dream. The powerful Junning Order, made up of machines and cyborgs, controls all planetary activities and closely monitors all beings who do not respect its programs. However, the lunar stone, a magic object, fell from the sky and could change the course of things. Follow the adventures of Wuxia, a young telepath fox, Oremia, a free and dreamy girl, and Aleika, a shaman hare with impressive powers in their quest to save the wonders of the Earth.

Wild Cookie

Wild Cookie provides expert business consulting services to help catalyze success in your company. Our expert coaches are trained and tooled to discover the unique wild cookies of your company to allow for agile growth and scalability. Get Ready to feel the future and design your transformation.

A simple platform to create and deploy interactive soundscapes and spatial audio-visual stories activated by: words being spoken, human body position & movements, gestures and visual symbols detected in a physical space or on physical objects (books, clothes, posters, projected media, toys).

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